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We work with families and individuals of all ages including parents, children, teens, seniors and everyone in between. No matter what season of life you are in there are unique challenges and we are here to help you understand and better navigate those challenges.

Our licensed counselors use their expertise to provide guidance while also developing a positive relationship with each client. All our counselors are trained, experienced professionals who truly love helping people. Each counselor knows it is a privilege to be invited into your life, and we don’t take this lightly.

We know you want a solution to whatever difficulty you are facing and we are here to help you find the right solution, and we work with you to identify effective, permanent skills to equip you manage future difficulties.  We take this approach so our clients can learn to think better, feel better and be better.

Our counseling expertise includes:counseling 23113

  • Family and marriage counseling
  • Individual counseling for all ages including children and geriatric
  • Special needs including intellectually disabled
  • Christian focused, Bible based counseling

When necessary we can collaborate with our psychiatry partner to develop the best treatment plan for our clients.

Strategic Psychiatry Partnership

Advent Counseling Solutions partners with Dr. Adam Kaul, Richmond area Psychiatrist specializing in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities including Geriatrics. This provides a more effective solution for patients.  Both providers are located in the same office so patients can visit one location for their appointments.

Residential Group Home Services

We also work with residential group homes and clinical programs to provide assessments, clinical supervision and consulting with program directors and leaders to help evaluate and identify goals and areas of improvement so programs to programs run more effectively.

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If you are considering counseling, we welcome the opportunity to serve you in a caring, professional environment. Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment.